The original plan was to B-line through northern Wisconsin, driving due west toward the Minnesota lakes and forests. But the idea of passing through America's Dairyland without sampling some cheese curds was killing me, so we took a hard left and headed to the nearest farm. We emerged eight hours later, our stomachs aching and our mini fridge spilling over with cheese.

In addition to the three bags of squeaky cheese curds (whic...

I will admit to rolling my eyes during Tim Allen’s “Pure Michigan” commercials. The montage of rivers, pine trees, and bald eagles all seemed a bit forced and overly dramatic.

Well, I was wrong.  Michigan is unbelievably beautiful and the rivers, pine trees, and (yes, really) bald eagles we’ve seen

  are as pure, wild, and breathtaking as Tim promises. In fact, he might be under selling it.

From Detroit, we shot straight across M...

I didn’t always love to cook. In fact, throughout college, my cereal obsession was somewhat renowned. Why bother with mixing, sautéing, and all. those. dishes. when you could just crack open a box of Kashi Go Lean for dinner?

 Then a few years ago, on a whim, I signed up for a CSA garden share and started receiving weekly crates of vegetables from a local farm. Suddenly, my fridge was bursting with kale, cucumbers, and kohlrabi...

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