Homeward Bound

Our adventure by the numbers:


-427 Days

-48,917 Miles--48,902 driven by Avery, a generous 15 driven by Angie (mostly for photo shoots) ;-)

-35 States/Provinces

-93 National Parks/Monuments

-150 Hikes for a total of 820 miles

-235 Gas Fill-ups

-15 Campfires

-14 Breakdowns

-6 Tows

-1 Flat Tire

-4 Throttle Cables

-18.5 mpg average

-118 Pauses for Sunsets

-37 Times up for Sunrise

-6 “Interactions” with Law Enforcement

-22 Thunderstorms

-11 Snowfalls

-105 Conversations about Madge the Van

-7 Turtles Rescued from the Road

-7 Baths in Rivers or Lakes

-138 Libraries & Coffee Shops

-29 Knitting Projects

-1,000,000,000 Mosquito Bites

-2 Tick Bites

-1 Emergency Room Visit

-2 Allllmost Deer Strikes

-26 Waterfalls

-5 Hitchhikers

-Average of 5 Days Between Showers

-28 Nights Camped at a Walmart

-13 Nights Camped at Casinos

-8 Nights Camped at a Cracker Barrel

-Overnight Low: 6

-Overnight High: 91

-Daytime High: 112

-Daytime Low: 15

-3 Canoe Trips

-30 Jars of Peanut Butter

-2 New Dents on Madge

-5 Nights in a Hotel

-5 Rainbows

-1 PSU Bowl Game

-3 Coastlines

-Number of times people asked if we were from British Columbia, not the District of Columbia: Too Many

-Number of Times People Asked if we were from Columbia, the Country, not the District of Columbia: Too Many

-1 Rodeo

-1 Hebrew Showtunes Concert

-30,000+ Photographs

-4 Caves

-23 Nights Staying with Friends

-200+ Podcasts


-Countless memories that we will cherish every day...some of which we hope we were able to share with you--our friends, family, friends-of-family, friends-of-friends, and strangers--through this blog. This effort to document and catalog our adventure helped us to track the passage of time and miles on the road, appreciate the evolution of our travels (and the growth of Avery's beard), and pause to periodically reflect on this fortunate journey. We hope you enjoyed it!


Thanks so much for following along.


All the best,

-Avery, Angie, and, of course, Madge-the-Van







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